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10 March
WEBINAR - Behavioral Finance: Why investors make the decisions they do


Why do we make the finance and investment decisions that we do? In this Webinar we will discuss 6 types of behavior bias that can affect our decision making processes - anchoring bias, confirmation bias, recency bias and 3 others! Behavioral finance is the intersection of behavioral psychology and finance that helps explain why people make irrational financial decisions. It informs every financial decision we make. Join us for this free educational opportunity! copy the link and paste above to register -- >>

Date and Time

Tue, Mar 10, 2020

3:30p - 4:15p CST


Attend from ANYWHERE you have internet access! Click on the event to find link to register for the Webinar.

Note Copy the link above and paste into your browser address to register for the webinar and take advantage of this opportunity to gain confidence and reduce stress through financial education.


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